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OK - I have finally done the Hanna Beth Make-Up Tutorial! I have COUNTLESS Asks from you guys asking me to do it & HERE IT IS! (I own most of these products so if you do have a question on something feel free to ask!)

1. Start off with some primer - using your foundation brush (A) Dab & smooth it over your face

2. Hanna is a M.A.C Queen - she normally uses Studio Sculpt (I highly recommend it!) Using brush (A) apply the studio sculpt (you wont need too much as it blends itself to your skin)

3. Apply quick strokes on your eyebrows using your eye-brow pencil (strong brows are in right now but you want a defined look NOT a Brooke Shields look!)

4. This can be tricky but with practice you will get the hang of it!

Apply a thin layer of some good quality eye-lash glue - apply across the track of a set of some thick fake lashes.

Blow and let it rest for 30 seconds and then apply to lash line.

You’re going to now do the same with some thin & natural looking lashes on your bottom lash. (Hanna loves dramatic lashes and will often use four sets at once)

5. Using brush (C) & some matte black eye-shadow (I recommend MAC’s Carbon) apply to eye lids filling them in.

Using another CLEAN brush similar to (C) blend it out!

Keep the shadow to only the eye lids.

6. Using your Black eye-liner lightly apply to fill in any gaps missed by the eye shadow

and to fill in glue or lash tracks

(you’re welcome to use a liquid liner for a cat eye or to give it a fuller effect for hiding gaps and glue marks, but it’s not needed)

7. Using a white-pearly eye shadow to add a little light to the insides of your eyes

(between your nose bridge and eye duct)

Dab a little on, using brush (D). This will give your make-up a bit of shimmer!

8. Now its time to set in your face

(remember to clean off any fallen shadow or smudges before the face powders).

Using brush (A) swirl it around into some foundation powder

(I normally use M.A.C’s Studio Fix and have been for years I highly recommend it! It’s a Matte finish but gives the best coverage - Hanna also uses this product)

Apply a good amount over your foundation for a finished flawless look.

9. Using brush (B) swipe some of your favourite bronzer and apply in a up-and-down stroke across and under your cheek bones.

Then lightly brush some over your forehead and nose.

(This is a night time look so DONT USE TOO MUCH - it’s only for conturing!)

10.  BLUSH TIME! (Blush is my favourite - I recommend M.A.C’s Peach O’ Peach I’ve been using it a lot lately!)

You’ll want a peachy-light-dewey-pinky blush for this look so using brush (B) again give yourself a nice big grin in the mirror and then just apply the blush on the apples of your cheek while you’re smiling!

11. Highlighter: (Hanna is a fan of highlighter and use’s M.A.C’s Soft & Gentle - I love this highlighter it has lasted me for a while now!)

Using brush (B) lightly apply the highlighter above your cheek bones and just under your eyes.

Lightly on the forehead, chin and nose

(but NOT TOO MUCH - Highlighter can often be too glittery and too full on!)

12.  Lip time! 

(Hanna Beth’s favourite lipstick is M.A.C’s  Snob which coincidentally I also have) 

It’s a very bright and buble-gummy lipstick and is also Matte so it does go on heavy but apply a bright pink colour to your lips.

13. Finish your gorgeous Night-Time look with some pink lip-gloss!

Now you’re ready to go - This is actually super easy to do!

ANY Questions or tips ASK here! :)